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Ferrari F355 F1 Indicator Repair

So you hate looking at that burnt out display that shows partial gear numbers? Well you can buy it from the dealer for $850.00, or you can send it to me and I will repair it!

Ship it to me, I repair it the same day I receive it, and then ship it to you for $175.00 plus shipping.
So now the question is how do I get it out? Well I will do my best to talk you through it...with a few photos.

Step 1

First you need to turn off the battery power to the car, and that is done by consulting your owners manual, but most cars will do this by turning the power off knob that is located under the right front wheel well...near the CD changer if equipped. This is accessed by opening the front bonnet, and then removing the two "Ferrari" crested black thumb screws.


Step 2

Now it’s time for the fun stuff. Drop the tilt steering all the way down so you have good access to the instrument pod. Remove the two screws that hold the instrument pod in place. They are located in the lower corners of the pod near where it meets the rest of the dash.

screw location large.jpg

Step 3

Look closely under the edge of the dash and you will see the black Phillips head screws under the dash pod. I used a long number two Phillips screw driver to get to them and this is the hardest part of the entire process.

screw hiding large.jpg

Step 4

Once the screws are out, there are only 2 holding it in, you can lift up on the front of the pod and it will unhook from the back of the dash. There are now 8 or so Molex type connectors. Unhook each one till the pod is free. Don't worry about labeling them or remembering where they came from as each is unique and can ONLY be plugged back in the same spot it came out of.

wires large.jpg

Step 5

Now we have the pod out of the car! All that is left to do is take the two gauge cluster out of the main pad. There are four screws that need to be removed and the entire indicator and temp gauge will come out. Make sure and save the screws so that you will be ready to put it back in once it is repaired.Tape them to the back of the tachometer for safe keeping.

z cluster large.jpg

Step 6

Put it in a box and ship it to me....I'll take care of the rest. You will have a freshly repaired F1 Display on your door step before you know it. Please contact me  steven@f1design.us  for my shipping information.

*Special Note: DO NOT power up the car without the instrument pod plugged in. This will trip the airbag warning light and will require a trip to the dealer to reset it.*

z unit large.jpg
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