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3 Axis CNC Milling Machine...Fixed Gantry Design Introduction  
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I have been captivated by the world of CNC for a long time and now it has finally reached a price point that I could actually consider it for home use.

I still try to race a few hours each week and in doing so I have come to the point of "needing" to make some more mods to my Sim.

All of that has lead to me needing to CNC some parts and I no longer have access to the PCB mill that I had at my previous career. As with all things I started with research, and lots of it. The main source has been www.cnczone.com , this is the best source for all things CNC and is a very good message board for just about any aspect of small scale manufacturing.  
So What is CNC Anyways?

CNC stands for computer numerical control. In simple terms it is controlling a machine through software that turns drawings into a series of machine codes. These codes are then sent to a hardware controller that converts them to electrical signals to the corresponding stepper motors that control particular axis. CNC is used for precision and dexterity instead of the labor of a human turning knobs and cranks to position the cutting tool.
So if you are still with me take a look at the CNC Specific Navigation and It will take you to all the separate pages details all the aspects of the build and hopefully some photos and text of it's usage in various projects.  

A few random  notes:  
As far as the CNC machine goes I have rebuilt and fine tuned things and have entered an entirely new level of precision and speed. I will be updating the site on the next few weeks and I will send you a link. Also you need to see it run in person!  
I am using a Hobby CNC controller : http://www.hobbycnc.com/products/hobbycnc-ez-driver-board-kit/  
I am using just the cheap Chinese stepper motors you can buy from eBay or other supply shops  
I am controlling it with Mach 3: http://www.machsupport.com/  
I am using a Mach3 Screen set that is made for my kind of machine ( faster to buy than build): http://home.comcast.net/~cncwoodworker/2010.html  
I am using Vetric Cut 2D to generate the machine code: http://www.vectric.com/WebSite/Vectric/cut2D/c2d_index.htm
I am using Altium ( Protel ) and SolidWorks to do my designs…but any tool that will generate a DXF or DWG will work.
I am using a Bosch Colt for the spindle motor: http://www.boschtools.com/Products/Tools/Pages/BoschProductDetail.aspx?pid=PR10E  
I control the speed and power of the spindle with a SuperPID: http://www.vhipe.com/product-private/SuperPID.htm  
I pretty much find out all I need to know from: www.CNCZone.com

Hope that helps!
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