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Acura Integra Type R Oil Cooler

At the time I did this project I was taking my Acura Integra Type R to the race track on a regular basis. Mainly doing lapping days as well as High Performance Drivers Education Events.

 The only thing that Honda left off the Type R in my opinion was the Oil Cooler described here.

Simple Schematic of Oil Cooler Circuit and Hot/Cold Oil Flow

I had noticed during a few driving sessions the oil temperatures would rise dramatically. With this temperature rise the performance of VTEC would fall away and my concern for the engine begin to mount. I have included some numbers to show before and after temperatures but the main thing I noticed was how much better the car performed over the course of a weekend and the amount of oil consumption dropped dramatically.
Detailed in the photos below are the installations steps I took as well as a detailed bill of materials to repeat the process if a person so desires. It has been well over a decade since I completed this project and I am happy to say the car is still running strong with no signs of letting up. I credit the great engineering in the car and of course my little improvement in oil temperature management.


Before the cooler  After the cooler
Max temp = 250+ 210 MAX
Oil P @ 3.5Krpm = 76PSI Oil P @ 3.5Krpm = 74PSI
Oil P @Idle = 25PSI Oil P @Idle = 25PSI
Total oil in system = 4.2q Total oil in system = 5.0q


Bill Of Materials    
2001 Integra Type R

Shopping List Detail

From Racer Parts Wholesale      
Part # & Description  Price   Qty Total
Aeroquip Hose FBA1000 $5.65 ea  11 $62.15
FCM1014 -10 St. Hose End $7.47 ea 2 $14.94
FCM2009 -10 adapter $4.85 ea 4 $19.40
FCM4024 -10 45 deg.Hose End $22.34 ea 3 $67.02
FCM4034 -10 90 deg.Hose End $19.52 ea 2 $39.04
FCM4044 -10 120 deg.Hose End $27.49 ea 1 $27.49
FCM4054 -10 150 deg.Hose End $27.49 ea 2 $54.98
PER116 Spin On Adapter $13.49 ea 1 $13.49
PER1791 Filter Mount $23.99 ea 1 $23.99
C25210 Mocal Cooler $187.99 ea 1 $187.99
MOC-10AN Mocal Thermostat $89.99 ea 1 $89.99

From Local Parts Stores

Bosch Oil Filter 3422 $4.99ea 1 $4.99
Hose Support Straps $5.99pack 1 $5.99
Zip Ties $3.99pack 1 $3.99
Sleaving www.techflex.com ? ? ?


Mocal oil thermostat -10 AN oilstats.jpg (3700 bytes)
Mocal 24 Row Oil Cooler cooler.jpg (5804 bytes)
Perma Cool Spin on Adapter
Perma Cool Remote Oil Filter Adapter
-10 Braided Hose
Aero Quip Hose Ends -10 AN
Bosch Model # 3422 oil Filter
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